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Q?: How has the film been released?

A: The documentary has been picked up for distribution by Exploration Films, a faith-based distribution company in the U.S.A. In partnership with DOCS-ology, the filmmaker's company, Exploration Films began hosting free streaming of the film via email link starting November 20, 2018 on their website. Retail DVDs or licensing for group/public screening are also available through Exploration. Further, the film is available at Video-on-Demand platforms such as Amazon Prime (free to Prime subscribers in the U.S. and U.K.) and may eventually appear on other VOD services or broadcast venues. .

Q?: Is Joshua Harris receiving payment for his involvement in this film?

A: No. From the inception of this project, Josh has had no association with its finances, nor with the business of creating (producing) or distributing the film.


Q?: How did the film project begin?
Joshua Harris was approached by a fellow graduate student, Jessica Van Der Wyngaard, about collaborating on a documentary film that would be a joint-thesis project. Joshua Harris consented to share this personal experience under an agreement that the film would ultimately be released for free online. He donated his time on the project, serving alongside fellow volunteers and students who also were not paid for their work. 


Q?: Who is responsible for financing the film?
Jessica Van Der Wyngaard (Producer and Director) —not Joshua Harris— financed the film. This was done primarily through crowd-funding effortsAs stated publicly since the Kickstarter launch, Josh is not making one penny from this film. 
The creation of this film was a monumental effort by a small army of volunteers: from the director to Harris, to the crew. 


Q? Who is responsible for making this film?
The people or person responsible for a film is always the Producer. In the case of this film, that is Jessica Van Der Wyngaard, who also served as the Director. Professor Iwan Russell-Jones, a member of the Regent College faculty with 25 years experience at the BBC, is the Executive Producer (like a supervisor). Read Jesssica's statement on the rationale for making this film.  


Q?: What happens to any profits made as the film is released?

A. Like a lot of documentaries made, this film will most likely run at a loss, rather than a profit. However, if Docs-ology ever turns a profit for the film project resources, it will fund the production company's further film efforts.


Q?: How can I support the film and help it reach more people?

A. We welcome your support! Our Backstage Pass video portal holds many of our original film interviews for on-demand streaming. Each interview goes in-depth on the perspective presented by the featured ISIKDG conversation partner. Backstage Pass memberships support ongoing costs such as website and video hosting, email database and more. The Backstage Pass is available at tiers of just $12, $19, or $25 USD. And our "basic" access grants free streaming of the film itself for 3 weeks!

Q?: Will the Backstage Pass still be available after the film is released? 

A. Yes, the Backstage Pass video portal will remain open for BSP members to view the film interviews recorded between Josh and various conversation partners discussing issues examined in the documentary.  


Q?: Will any DVDs be available for purchase after the film is released?

A. Initial DVD production was exclusively for Kickstarter backers who funded the project. However, Exploration Films will offer physical DVDs via select retail outlets and ordering platforms. 


Q?: Will the film have subtitles for languages other than English?

A. At present, the budget constraints of the film mean that, unfortunately, there are no plans to subtitle the film for foreign audiences. If you wish, you can make a donation to the production to enable the film to be available in your language, or, please email our Producer to discuss how we can make translation possible through sponsorship or partnership.